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Eduroam Realm

Add your organisations realm/ domain name , this is used by your users example myusername@realm / You can add multiple realms to the same organisation. Realms must be registered with Eduroam UK for roaming users.

Eduroam Servers

Eduroam janet servers along with authentication keys can be obtained from the eduroam UK portal > Server settings and are unique to your service provider.

Eduroam Portal Server Settings > Configure

What is eduroam ?

eduroam provides users with authenticated network logon and access to the internet through a single wifi profile and set of credentials, wherever the service has been made available by participating organisations. Connection can be seamless and automatic. Wired connections can also be supported.

By eduroam-enabling the network, organisations can provide guest network access services to visitors without the need for guest account management, saving time and cost for both the organisation and the visitor.

ERPS with eduroam packages installed enables the institute to quickly deploy authentication services onsite along with giving IT staff a central cloud based configuration portal, support services and detailed reporting using dashboard and log analysis.