Cloud Hosting

The Quick & Easy Website / Hosting Builder

Creating your website or hosting package using our turbo installer is easy, fun and flexible – shopping carts, CMS, blogs, basic hosting accounts and many more.

  • Quickly deploy the same template again and again.
  • Create site snapshots.
  • Have your own open source application listed for other users to try.
  • Deploy your templates to the app-store on-line.

It’s quick, simple, fun to use and you can create multiple stunning, professional websites in minutes!

Turbo installer has been designed to enable fast deployment of pre-packaged web applications.


Our dedicated public web servers running “Turbo Deployment Services” can provision pre-configured web application in under five minuets.

Using fcconsultancy “irps cloud” and “erps turbo deployment server appliance” you can host your own sites on your own network or cloud provider. For more information contact or our partner