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  • eduroam appliance 
  • Full installation and configuration
  • Support you through the institute registration
  • Integrate appliance into your authentication service (Ldap, Active Directory)
  • Offer support for wireless configuration
  • Complete all compliance requirements and publish via the appliance portal
  • Provide maintenance and support plans for full assurance 
  • Contact for more information

What is Eduroam ?

eduroam is a secure wireless network service that allows faculty, staff, and students to use their home institution's wireless credentials to access wireless networks when visiting other eduroam participating institutions. eduroam eliminates the need for a guest account.

Who runs Eduroam?

eduroam is a global initiative supported by GÉANT, the National Research and Education networks and individual institutions. Each participating organisation contributes time, manpower and resources to help support the collaborative efforts.

Overall governance of eduroam is provided by the Global eduroam Governance Committee which currently comprises eleven senior representatives of roaming operators in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America and Europe.

Is eduroam safe to use?

eduroam is based on the most secure encryption and authentication standards in existence today. Its security by far exceeds typical commercial hotspots. Be aware though that when using the general Internet at an eduroam hotspot, the local site security measures at that hotspot will apply to you as well. For example, the firewall settings at the visited place may be different from those you are used to at home, and as a guest you may have access to fewer services on the Internet than you have at home.

Eduroam FAQ

Visit the eduroam FAQ for more details