Erps OVA Vmware Image CLI interface

Once you have logged into the command line interface, a number of options are available.

1. Set the system hostname Sets the system host-name
2. Configure eth0 IP address The appliance can host multiple virtual interface adapters, eth0 should be connected to a network capable of accessing the cloud management (IRPS) service.

When using a single interface you should ensure that this network is capable of accessing other required networks.

3. Configure IRPS server Set the cloud controller and enter your (IRPS) key which is located within your profile.
4. CheckIn Force a manual check-in to the (IRPS) cloud controller.
5. Core Update Force a system core update.
6. Set PROXY IP If you host your appliance on a private IP address and set a static public address on your firewall you must configure the proxy address to ensure communication between the ERPS and IRPS servers.
5. Reset to factory default Reset the appliance to factory default.
9. Exit Exit and reboot the appliance.

Port Requirements 

Communication between the appliance (ERPS) and the cloud controller (IRPS) is encrypted and communicates using port 8888-8999(TCP) inbound/outbound.

For the appliance to receive automatic security updates  you should also allow http/https to the ubuntu repositories and the domain.

Depending on the applications you choose to run on your appliance you may need to configure additional inbound/outbound rules.

Contact for trouble shooting and configuration support.