What is iTrip

Hackers will often attempt to compromise web sites to insert their own code (usually JavaScript) into your web files in an attempt to breach weaknesses within the visitors internet browser.

This means that the visitor can unknowingly download trojen virus’s or leak sensitive information. This kind of hack can damage your business’s reputation and severely weaken your chances of success with popular search engines.

Server exploits will often be used to store unsavoury or illegal data within your web directory to take advantage or your disk space and bandwidth.

.iTrip will capture the state of your web directory once you have finished its development and alert you if new files appear or files change.

How do I use it

All hosting accounts are automatically configured with iTrip you simply need to enable it. Once you have completed your site set-up enable iTrip under site manage->itrip->enable once enabled the server will schedule a full scan of your files and check them daily to see if the files have been modified.

I have received an email that tells me a file has changed?

You will receive an email for each file that has been modified alerting you to a possible site breach. You will also be able to view these files within manage->itrip->view. You will then need to take action and check each file for the changes that have been made.

Once you are happy the files have been restored or corrected you can schedule a re-scan manage->itrip->re-scan.

What if I changed the files

Before making changes to your files you can disable iTrip manage->itrip->disable. Once you have completed the updates you can re-enable itrip manage->itrip->enable.

If you made changes to your files without disabling itrip you can schedule a re-scan manage->itrip->re-scan.