Resolution and Device Testing

Tool Description Link
Screenfly Test site on different devices at different resolutions.

SEO Tools

Tool Description Link
Site Map Test to see if the sitemap.xml is valid xml

Design Tools

Tool Description Link
CSS Table Templates Ready made CSS table templates
CSS Properties Full list of the CSS properties.

Network Tools

Tool Description Link
DNS Tools Target your domain name using free DNS report. Find out if your domain DNS servers are configured correctly.
 Speed Test Test your Internet connection speed.
Web Page Speed Test Target your web site and test how long it takes to load your pages. Slow loading pages can have a detrimental effect on search engine results.
Whats My IP Whats my ip will give you your ip address as seen by web servers, this site also provides a full suite of port scanners , site scanners and other useful resources.
Visual Trace Route Easily visualize the route your packets take around the Internet.
Xirrus Cloud Designer Quickly design your xirrus wireless deployment using online tools provided by xirrus.
Online Port Testing Quickly check a server port to see if its open or not

Server Side

Tool Description Link
Linux-Explorer Linux Explorer ( LINUXexplo ) is a script that collects software and hardware information about a linux server for support purposes, similar to the Solaris explorer ( SUNWexplo ) , Redhat’s “sysreport” and SuSE’s “siga” script.